3 tips on how to make money blogging

3 tips on how to make money blogging,

is what I will be sharing with you in todays blogpost.

Maybe you are asking yourself if it is really possible to make money blogging, and it it is…

So what do you need to think about

when it comes to how to make money blogging?

Choose a niche

Choose aniche to blog about, don’nt blog about anything and everything. Why? Because you want to be seen as an expert and authority within a specific niche. You can not become that by at one time writing about pets and then the next timne writing about affiliate marketing for instance.So choose a specific niche and share a ton of value about that niche, so that you will be able to create a following to your blog. By the way the free blogging ebook mentioned in the video is available by clicking here… Because if people are searching for answers about something within your niche, and they realize that you are blogging about hundreds of other topics then they will not trust you to be an expert. So choose a niche if you are really serious to follow the steps that you neeed to take on how to make money blogging.


Build your list

You should build your list through your blog. We should build our lists in any way we can and using a blog to do that is a great way of doing it. So set up a opt in form on your blog and also set  up a follow up campaign attached to that opt in form. Then give your subscribers a free gift when subscribing, it can be a ebook or something like that. Then through your blogposts, motivate your readers to subscribe to your newsletter my mentioning that free gift that they will get their hands on. Write a ebook yourself about something you have learned about marketing,or search for free  ebooks online that you can use for the free give away. A thing to remember when creating your follow up letters is not to be to pitchy. Entertain them ,make it fun to read your emails.


How to make money blogging

Self hosted WordPress blog

Uise a wordpress blog with your own hosting and domainname,because it is much better then to use a free blog, like a free wordpress blog or a  free blogger blog. By using a self hosted wordpress blog you will have more control over your blog. You can set up a lot of plugins on your blog then that will enhance your blog,so that you will be able to generate more leads and sales. You will also be able to set up your blog and its features in any way you want. So go for a self hosted blog if you want to get started making money blogging.

So did you get value by learning about how to make money blogging through this blogpost?

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