Self hosted wordpress blog and why you should use one

Self hosted wordpress blog, do you have one of those?


Anyway, that’s what I recommend if you want to blog for business and make money from your blog.

I will now go into why I say that every professional blogger

should use a self hosted wordpress blog…


Using a free blog like blogger or a free WordPress blog can be a good choice when you first starting out or if you have a limited budget,or if you just are blogging about your every day life for instance. However, there are some important things you need to be aware of when it comes to your choice of a blog.

Be in control

When you have a self hosted wordpress blog you have total control over your blog and its content. It is not the same thing when it comes to free blogs.

How so? Well let us say that Blogger and will get shut down,then you will lose all your blog posts. Then all your hard work will be for nothing, and that is nof fun, right? Then you have to start from scratch again,and how fun is that really ? Not particulary… Maybe you are thinking now; “well what if the hosting company that hosts my blog shuts down?” that is a good point but never the less you will have more choices and more freedom with a self hosted blog. By the way, the free ebook that I am mentioning in the video above, well you can grab your copy of it right here…

With a self hosted wordpress blog you are able to install different awsome plugins to enhance your marketing blog in order to increase your amounts of leads and sales into your business and the option to change up your blog in any way you want to..

self hosted wordpress

Benefits with the free ones…

There are some benefits when it comes to free blogs like blogger and the free wordpress blogs. And that has to do with Seo and backlinking, to help the search engine rankings for the post that you have on your self hosted wordpress marketing blog. The free blogs content ranks pretty good in the search results,so for the sake of back linking then yes, the free blogs serve a good purpose. I have noticed experienced online marketer using the free blogs this way as well. But your main blog should be a self hosted one… That is how I see it. I’m not the only one out there that think so though. It is low cost investment to geta self hosted blog,but totally worth it. So I would strongly advice you to not go for the free ones ,not if you want to blog for your business, get a self hosted blog instead.

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Tommy Olsson.


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