Are you in it for the money?

Are you in it for the money?

But then again ,show me a online marketer that aren’t in it for the money.

We are in it for the money to create a better lifestyle and create more freedom for ourselves and our families, right?

Somtimes the statement to be in it for the money has a negative ring to it though unfortunally…

That might be when it is obvious when someone gets selfish and maybe a bit greedy when it comes to making money online. Because when it comes to making money online,we make more money when we help others to make more money as well. that is how it works,

Help others so that you will be able to make more…

It is a matter of helping as many people as possible. So then there is no room for selfishness, because you want to be a good sponsor and mentor… You can’t just disregard and leave In it for the moneyyour downlines high and dry…Just to be thinking of money constantly though must be a depressing life in the end,although you can create more quality in life with that money. But we must have something more in our lives as well naturally. But there is nothing wrong as a marketer to be in it for the money, because that is one of the major reasons to why people are doing this, doing online marketeting. So be in it for the money is nothing to be ashamed of of course… Money is something that motivates a lot of people. Most people are having a will to make more of that money. However,it is never okay to take some greyzone shortcut to make that money though. Because then your reputation can be in jeopardy.Some people might be a bit reluctant to talk about money like if it was some unwritten rule to never talk about it. Money can’t solve every problem but on the other hand, it can open many doors. Hey,  if you want to be making more money, then have a look at this…

Feel no shame…

There are also nothing wrong with posting income proofs online, thoiose will show people that you are making money,and that you are making the kind of money that you claim to be making. This will motivate people to join you in business in fact. So there is absolutely nothing wrong with posting income proofs. On the contrary, those can create more momentum for you in your business. So if you feel insecure about if it’s right to post income proofs, well then I think you need to re consider… Because we all want more success in business.  And income proofs is a easy way to make more sales and to motivate people to join you in business.

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Tommy Olsson.

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