What do you complain about?

What do you complain about?


I feel sometimes that people I feel really love to complain, no matter what it is about. But why do we complain and does it get any better by complaining?

What do you complain about?

If it is regarding lack of results when it comes to making money online ,this might solve your problems…

When you are putting in a ton of work on your promotions for your business and you still don’t get any sales, that can really make you almost pull your hair out in frustration, I know… I have been there.

It is natural but a waste of time…

Allthough it is a natural thing to complain and some people seem to love to complain, what good does it do? Does it any good to complain? Will you make more money online by complaining? Nothing good will come out of complaining that is what I believe. What do you complain about? Feel free to add that as a comment to this post…

what do you complain about

Do you want to keep complaining or can we see light at the end of the tunnel? Can we believe that things will get better, that things will get easier if we think so? Anyway I think that not staying in a negative mindset and move forward is what we want to do to advance in our marketing journey to be able  to make more money. Let the past be in the past and focus foward instead. Marketing can be hard at times, but usually things gets better if we just endure those hard times of setbacks. If you think that you will have a negative outcome,well then that is what will happen for you propably. we get what we send out.  It is okay to complainas long as you shake that off and keep moving forward. Feel free to check out the video below about this subject as well… yes I know the video is for about 55 minutes, but it is an awsome video you know.


Lets change it…

If you are thinking less of yourself, then that video will help you I believe to change that mindset of yours. Think that you CAN and you will. Because it is not about what othe rpeople say and think about you and your ability, it is what you are telling yourself inside your mind… Because wheter you yhink you can’t or can do something you are right… It is all about self believe.



  • Complaining will lead to nothing good.
  • You will not get any more successful by complaining.
  • It is okay to complain as long as you get out of that negative mindset
  • Focus on the future and forget the past.

I hope that  this blog post makes sense to you and that you got some value by reading it.



Tommy Olsson.

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