Make money on social networking sites,how to

Make money on social networking sites.


Would you like to find out how to make money on social networking sites?

Great then keep on reading…

When it comes to make money on social networking sites there are some things that you need to realize… You should focus on branding yourself and aiming to make money on one site for starters. Do not start to try to make money on another social site before you are making profit from your marketing on that first social site. You can move on marketing on another site if you want to,when you are actually are making profit. To be regarded as a professional never spam your links into peoples inboxes, that is a rookie mistake. It will not lead to any sales, and if it does, then you will make very few sales from that kind of approach.

No mickey mouse image

When it comes to the branding of you, you need to show your real face. Do not hide and use some Mickey mouse image, a animal picture or similar. People want to talk to you and not Mickey mouse. Because you are not Mickey mouse right?

Make money on social networking sites

I have noticed that sometimes people are using these kind of images unfortunally, or a stock image of someone that they are not. That is a totally wrong approach when you are looking to make money on social media networking sites, or marketing in other places as well. if you have issues about your comfort zones and are reluctant to show your real face, then work on those fears . To make money online that is a must. The more you will be come out of your comfort zone the more money you willl be making. But then again,then you need to have the skills also to sell. If you are missing those skills, grab your free newsletter here…

Share value and they will come

You should share value with people to attract more of them towards yourself. I am not saying that you should shar everything you know about marketing. you shouldn’t because that Make money on social media networking sitesyou can add into a product of your own and make more money this way. However, you need to share some value constantly that your audience can benefit from. Also, inspire people, inspire people to go after their dreams. This is also great when it comes to the branding of you as a leader. This may make you the go-to person when people are looking for advice when it comes to making money online. This will make you an authority in your niche and field of work… It will make people,like, know and trust you, something that is so important when being an online entrepreneur. So be a big source of inspiration for people. Inspire people by sharing your story, share qoutes and so on.. If you can’t come up with the motivational qoutes yourself then google for quotes and use someone elses.



Now go out there and be awsome. To your success,

Tommy Olsson.

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