What is saturation?

What is saturation, or to be more precise,

what is saturation in business, in online marketing?


What is saturation? It is like when there aren’t room for any more  money to be made through a business because to many people are already members of that business for instance.  I have heard every now and then How some people believes that this or that business is saturated. But it doesn’t haven’t have to be the case. By the way, make sure to grab your free copy of my newsletter right here…Why doesn’t a business have to be saturated just because many people already have joined it then?? Well let me explain. It could be a  matter of how good marketers are at promote that business, what kind of marketing skills they are having….


What is saturation

There are several reasons for it…

It happens when people struggling to make any money at all in their business and are feeling frustrated, that they starting to ask themselves if it is saturated.That may not be the case at all… if you just ask your families and friends, well yes then it can appear to be saturated. But then again,why go after and be on your friends case about your business? That is not a good strategy when it comes to building up a online business and income… I have heard about sponsors that says that you should make a list of everyone you know and try to get them to join you in business. it is very seldom that this way of marketing really works… It is more likely to be a waste of time. Your friends and family might just get irritated at you if you are  constantly pitching them. That just makes you look desperate really and can make people avoiding you instead…. It is a question of what reputation you want to have, do you want to be regarded as a annoying desperate person or do you want to be regarded as a real professional? I would go for the last option… you will never be really successful if you are just chasing family and friends.


Stay away from cheap tactics

I have also noticed that some online marketers are claiming that a certain business is saturated just to make people join them in their business. that is not a good way of doin things, Its unetical and bad marketing. I f some one is going to call a business saturated then they need to have proofs that this is really the case,and not just grasp something out of the thin air. Claiming that a business is saturated when it is not could also damage your reputation as a online marketer. Never be in such a hurry of success and desperate for money that you take unlegit shortcuts. it is never worth it.



Tommy Olsson.

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