Free bonus and giveaways, what’s the point?

Free bonus.

Free bonus and give aways ,why would anyone be interested in offering that?


As marketers it is a great strategy to in fact give away a free bonus, let me explain why that is…

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When it comes to listbuilding which is crucial when it comes to making money online,it is a proven to work strategy to offer  a free gift to make people to subscibe to your newsletter. The free  bonus should be of great quality like a good ebook or something like that.

Stand out…

There are a lot of competition among different online marketers, so make your free bonus is of good or even great quality… Offer a free bonus a free bonus like this can be even more beneficial if you have a limited advertsing budget, because when you are bloggigng for instance, you can offer your free gift through your content, and this way start to build your list. It free bonusis true that paid advertsiing is the faster way to buiild a list,but no matter what kind of budget you have, you need to offer a free bonus of some kind… If you don’t have your own ebook to give away then search the web for free books, because there are different websites that offer those. Besides ebooks you could also offer a recording by you where you are sharing something that you have learned about online marketing. There are another side of giving away free bonuses as well when it comes to affiliate marketing also. Let us say that you are promoting an affiliate product and want to make more sales with your promotions and want to be standing out from the crowd. well then offering a free bonus or should I say muötiple bonuses is a must. You need to try to offer better bonuses then others are offering to their buyers. You can do a video review of the product and mention your free bonus in your video, this to make people to buy from YOU instead  from someone else that are also promoting that very offer and product….

All about quality.

Quality comes into play when it comes to reviews as well, so make your review as good and detailed as possible, and give away bonus give aways of hight quality to your potential buyers. Write down what you are going to say in your review video and try to memorize your notes. when it recorded and uploaded share your video review as much as possible on free bonussocial media… Do not be in a hurry when creating your review, be focused and let it take some time.

So what’s the point?

The point with bonuses and free giveaways is so that you make more money online. That what it is all about. if you want to make more money through your promotions then you need to offer a bonus of some sort. Best of luck with your promotions.


Tommy Olsson.

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