Share your story,why you should

Share your story.

To share your story is an excellent idea when being a online marketer. Why? To build trust and credibility with your audience.

But how will to share your story help and benefit anyone?

Let me explain that a bit… When you share your story, when you are sharing your struggles before having your breakthrough,people might recognize themselves in what you are describing through your story. People will then connect with your experiences,they can then link your experiences with their own experiences. You may then give them a so called “aha moment”. By learning about your story then they can think; ” well if he/she can do it, then so can I”. So you see, your story can boost other peoples confidence.

Show that you are genuine…

By telling your story people  will see that you are a “real” person and not some fake. Even if you are a newbie tell your story. Tell people about your journey no matter how short it may Share your storybe right now. You should share every small advance in your journey as a entrepreneur. More people then you might think are actually in hearing about your story, about your progress. When you are sharing your story people will learn more about you and might start to following you on social media sites and even subscribe to your newsletters. That happens when people start to like, know and trust you.. These words are very important to any marketer, our level of success are depending if people like ,know and trust us. And how will people really get to know us if we don’t share our story, our progress as well as about our setbacks? As you continue to share your progress people will be waiting for you to share new content. They see your results and  when they see that you are actually making money online,and they might want to learn from you. that means that they can be your costumers. So sharing your story is a great way to not only build your audience but also to build up your level of income….

Why shouldn’t you?

So there are no reason to why you shouldn’t share your story with people that can turn into costumers somewhere down the line. We as marketers and aspiring entrepreneurs need to Share your storytake advantage of any starteghy to create more moment,and by sharing our stories we will be doing just that. Share your story through blog post, through videos, articles and podcasts, yes in any shape or form you can come to think of. the more content you are sharing about your story the better.

So no matter if you believe it yet or not story telling is really powerful and important to your business growth and progress as a entrepreneur. so start sharing your story now,if you haven’t done so already. Your success depends on it.


Tommy Olsson.

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