Are you making excuses?

Are you making excuses?

Are you making excuses to why you are not doing this or that? Are you holding yourself back by making excuses for yourself?

Many people are making excuses and in many of these cases I believe that those excuses are not necesary or logic… in many cases i believe that those fills no purpose and also that they are holding people back and stopping them to be as successful as they can become. People come up with reason to why for instance they are not able to change their financial situation. By the way,  don’t forget to to grab my free newsletter…

If you are making excuses then stop doing it,because if you want a better lifestyle and/or more freedom then coming up with excuse after excuse wont get you anywhere. Taking action, that is what will take you closer to your dreamlife though… Try your best to stay positive and do not put yourself down,never doubt yourself and your abilities. Life is full with possibilities, so just decide that you WILL change your life and do what ever it takes to make that a reality. Do not allow any excuse keep you from claiming what is yours so to speak. Do not be afraid of success, if that is one of the reasons to why you are not taking action on your dreams. Do not become grumpy and bitter about your lack of results, come up with a solution to turn that around. Being grumpy and negative will just make you end up in a negative spiral. Then you’ll be stuck in the very situation that you want to get away from. And you do not want that…

making excuses

You haven’t failed…

Do not let self doubt and low self esteem keeping you from your true destiny of greatness. Nobody but YOU can stop you for creating that life you are longing for to have, and you havent failed as long as you don’t quit…Never quit, to many people ar quitting,they are quitting to early,when their breakthrough could have been just around the corner. So stop tellling yourself that you aren’t good enough clever enough, stop coming up with excuses to why you can’t become successful. Do not deny yourself what can be truly be yours. Motivate yourself, work on your mindset so that you can get on the right track towards your goals and dreams. Don’t just talk about making it happen, making  things happen, simply just do it! Talk without taking action are just empty words. Back up what you are saying by taking 100% action.

You can’t be stopped…

Make sure to make 2018 the very year when you will have your big breakthroiugh,and allow nothing to stop you.  Don’t allow anyone to bring you down and stop you, and don’t let excuses you are coming up with stopping you from being that leader I believe that you can become. It is just you that can stop you, you know. If you do not do anything to change your situation if that is something that you want, then you have nobody to blame but yourself. Am I being harsh? Well, I believe I am just sharing the truth.

To your success…



Tommy Olsson.

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