Aweber review. what’s good about aweber?

Aweber review.

I am writing this Aweber review, because Aweber

and its services is something I use more or less daily.

Now I have been using other autoresponder services but Aweber is my favorite, and I will explain to you why that is in this aweber review…

One of the reasons to why I prefer awebers autoresponder service before other services is their good delverability. We all as marketers of course want our emails be seen and read by as many subscribers as possible. We don’t want our emails to end up in the receivers junk folder. When I have used otjher autoresponder services many of my emails have ended up just there, in the junk mail folder. When this happens it means that we as marketers will be loosing a lot of money, or its a big possibility for that anyway… And we are working hard to make that money,so of course we do not want to loose out on that money. As a new user you maybe are not sure how good Aweber is,and maybe you want to try it out first before paying anything? No problem, as Aweber offers a 30 day free trial. My own ecxperiences with Aweber support is of a positive nature, they are responding in pretty short time, anyway that what has happened when I have had questions about their services, anyway.


Their support staff seems very professional, because they have given me good advice and tips about different matters. I think that their features makes it easy for anyone regardless of experiences to use the different tools within Aweber.

So what are those features?

Well for instance you can create emails based on your recent blog posts. You can also automate your sales funnel witht he help of Aweber. You are able to choose among 700 mobile friendly themes.  You can automate your emailletters by a drag and drop feature, that is easy to use. By using tagging you are able to tag subscribers and trigger campaigns based on the links they are clicking and the emails they are opening. This way you can create personalized welcome emails, educational courses, lead nurturing campaigns and more.



To help you get better results in your promotions aweber offers detailed tracking statistics for you to view so that you can make the most of your mailings.


And more…

A part fromwhat I have mentioned already you are able to add plenty of apps to your Aweber account,such as landing page creating programs and so on. You are also able to ina easy manoir ading sign up forms to your newsletters on your wordpress blog.



The main reasons that I want to come across in this Aweber review is that I trust Aweber because of the hight level of deliverability, the great assistance from their support as well as the easy to use features in the dashboard.


Thank you for reading.



Tommy Olsson.

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