Pre launch marketing and its benefits

Pre launch marketing.

Pre launch marketing is something that are being used a lot, especially among product creators or when marketers are launching a new online business for instance.

Making the most of the launch.

But why are they using a pre launch then? For several reasons I would say… One of those reasons to why so many are using pre launch marketing is because they want to build up an interest and excitement over a particular product or service. They want to build up a buzz about about their product as well and building up the excitement around it during the pre launch. Sometimes hype is used also to make more people buy a certain product. They are doing this in order to be able to make more money through their product launch. Because they want their product launch to be a huge success of course… That is why they are creating products but it may also be because they love creating different products that will help people in different ways, and they like the idea of making money this way. And it is a known fact that people need to see an offer at least 7 times before purchasing that product. And if the vendor has antered for instance an facebook ad pixel, then they can make more money through their product launch with remarketing. I have written about re- marketing in a previous blogpost as well if you are interested to learn more about it…  Because if the visitor to the salespage of a product has an Facebook account  then when using re -marketing they will see an add somewhere on facebook when being logged in. So re-marketing is a very powerful and useful marketing tactic to make use of as well.  Now back to pre launch marketing…

pre launch marketing


Marketers does sometimes use scarcity on their sale pages as well.this means that they may write on their pages that the product soon will be gone or that the price is going to increase shortly. they want to make people to take action and buy their product right then and there. By making people scared of losing out on that opportunity the marketers are using scarcity this way. The different strategies that are being used in a pre launch is of course to make the vendor and pre launch marketingproduct creators as much money as possible. That is no secret of course. Many times when scarcity are being used in a pre launch for instance,it is actually true what is written on the sale pages,the products price are  in fact increasing in after a crertain period of time and so on… So it is not always that way that marketers are lying. At times little white lies can occur though.

So as you know I am about to lanch a product of my own soon and I will probably make use of a prelaunch. And if you too want to launch a product you might want to consider pre launch marketing as well.



Tommy Olsson.

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