Offer a refund, why should you offer a refund?

Why should you offer a refund?

if you are creating and selling digital products or any other type of product, then why should you offer a refund?

Well first of all, to offer a refund is a wise strategy to use, because your possible buyers will feel more secure, knowing that they will not loose any money when buying your product or service.  because the vendor or product creator wants to keep their buyers happy.  Because very vendor wants to have as many happy and pleased costumers as possible.

Examples of refunds…

When someone buys a digital product for instance an ebook, they can keep it  on their computer to access everything inside that product and still ask for a refund because they don’t like it. That is how it works when you offer a refund. This is a example on how to keep your costumers “happy”.  But it is really more to it… offer a refundWhen your buyers are seeing that you are offering a refund they also will be more willing to buy  your product or service, so it is a very valuable tactic to use to make the  most of your product launch. Many marketers are using this strategy and of course they will also issue a refund when someone asks for it. However sometimes the costumer must submit a good enough reason for their refund request, to avoid so called multiple refunders. Becuase like it or not, some people has put into a system of asking for refunds after maybe just spending 10 dollars on a product. Of course you have the right to ask for a refund if you are not pleased with your purchase, but when a person asks for a refund everytime they purchase something, well that is to take things to far… Multiple refunders causes of course irritation among many product launchers and product creators. Sure unsatisfied costumers have the right to ask for a refund if it says so on the sales pages for a product, but then again there are people who are asking for refunds for maybe not “legit” real reasons. But unfortunally this phenomenon comes with selling products quite often…

Criminal intentions.

Sometimes  there are criminals that uses refunds to make money in a unlegit manor. This is called refund theft. This can be for instance when a person  have required a product illegally and mot purchased it themselves, and then asks for a refund for that product. But this is to take it a step further, but still this behavior does occur.

So to sum it up:

  • To offer a refund is a strategy in order to make more money from a product launch.
  • Your potential buyers will feel more secure when you are offering refunds.
  • People will be more eager to buy if there is a refund offering for the product.
  • Then there are serial refunders and some have criminal intentions unfortunally.


So if you thinking about launching your own product a wise decision would be to offer a refund for it.



Tommy Olsson.

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