Anthony Robbins awaken the giant within, my favorite part

Anthony Robbins awaken the giant within is a great book,

and I can recommend it to anyone who is interested to learn more things about themselves and how to reach their dreams and goals that they have.

There are ton of value in Anthony Robbins awaken the giant within

this book  but I will focus on one particular chapter  of the book in this blogpost…

What I will share my thoughts about is  the principle of pleasure and pain, and the role it plays in our lives. Anthony Robbins means that everything that we do has to do with pain or pleasure… Our mindset and our ability and desire to take action are included in this principle with pain and pleasure as well. Anthony Robbins means that because people may think that the pain (feeling nervous etc) when for instance challenging their comfort zones they believe that that so called pain will be greater then to be delaying what they need to be doing to Anthony Robbins awaken the giant withinbecome more successful for instance. But as I see it, it should be worth the feeling of not being comfortable by doing something in order to reach a persons goals and dreams. That is why we all need to challenge our fears and come out of our comforrt zones more and more on a daily basis. If we do not well then we are stuck in the situation that we are living at this very moment… And that is something I serioulsy doubt that anyone that want to have more in life want to be experiencing. If we do nothing to create change then nothing will change either,that is why we need to change ourselves to start with to be able to come closer to change… If you want change, a financial change then do not miss out on  grabbing my free newsletter right here… 

Memories of pains in the past…

Anthony Robbins awaken the giant withinPain and pleasure can be linked to things that happened in our past, we are afraid to do something different right now because of an negative experience from our past. But just because something turned out bad in the past doesn’t mean that it will in the future.


As what can be read in Anthony Robbins awaken the giant within;

Everything that you and I do we do either out of our need to to avoid pain or our desire to gain pleasure.



So being aware of pain and pleasure and knowing how to be utilizing the knowledge of pain and pleasure , will help you to reach your goals. and dreams. And when you reach your goals and dreams you will also be enjoying pleasure… So allow nothing to stop you from making your dreams a reality and have no fear, instead challenge your fears ona daily basis instead. That way you will become more successful in what ever you are doing. Feeling a bit uncomfortable for a while to move closer to your goals, should be worth it.



Tommy Olsson.



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