Power of reviews, are you aware of it?

Are you aware of the power of reviews?

Are you aware that writing reviews can actually help you make money online?

But when you want to take a hold of the power of reviews and writing a review, it is very important to not come out as to pitchy, not coming out as desperate to make that sale. then you will not make sales. Do not miss out on my free newsletter here by the way.

Use it yourself…

So what do you have to think about when making reviews? Well one important thing is that you really need to buy the product that you are making reviews about to come out as trustworthy. Because how can you know if a product is good or not if you haven’t tried it out yourself? Then you really can’t recommend others to buy it either… That goes without saying. Besides mentioning the advantages with the product you should also mention the negative sides of the product. That will just make you a honest marketer and people will Power of reviewsappreciate that. Show people how the product works also… So that they will see that is serves its purpose. A great way to show people how the product work is by sharing your screen, screencastomatic is a tool I use personally when sharing my screen. It has a free version as well and it works very well. So if you are not ready to pay for it well then the free version is available. But then you will have some advertsing on your videos, but that is maybe a minor disadvantage. If you are camera shy then you can choose to not show your face in the recordings and just your computer screen, or both… Try your best to not be biased when doing the reviews, because that will in fact shine through, people will notice that. But mention the reasons of course why they should buy the product and why they need that product and can’t do without it.

Choose the quality ones

When you are doing reviews make sure to always choose products with good quality, otherwsie you may ge ta reputation saying you promote low quality products. And we do not want that, because our reputation as marketers are so very important to us. Power of reviewsWouldn’t you agree? The power of reviews also means that you are able to make reccurring income, depending how the sales funnel is built for the product you are promoting. So always have as a goal to make the very best reviews you can because that way you will make more money as well. Because you need to stand out from other affiliates that promotes the very same product as you are doing… If you are feeling insecure about making reviews do not worry. Just follow the advice I have given in this post and besides, you will not make any sales through reviews if you never start. Another things is that “practise makes perfect”. So get started, keep sharing your reviews and have as a goal to become better and better at it.


Tommy Olsson.

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