Bad at sales, are you?

Bad at sales.

Is that how you look at yourself?
Maybe that is not completely true.

Some people that have this idea that they are bad at sales, really aren’t when it comes down to it. They might not realize yet that they are in fact doing that selling daily, in their regular everyday life.

How so??

Well let me make a few examples… For instance when you are applying for a job you are in fact selling yourself, in your application you are revealing the positive sides of you and what you are really good at. You are also talking about why  your potential employeer Bad at salesshould hire you and not someone else. You are putting forward the benefits with hiring YOU. By doing this you are selling yourself… And if your resume is good and if you do well when you come to that job interview, well then you can no longer say that you are bad at sales,or that you are bad at selling. Another example is if you tell someone about a new movie you have been watching, then you might say how good  it is  and this way motivating them to go see it themselves. This is also another form of selling. So we are daily selling to people without knowing or realizing that we actually are doing it. So iof you think that you are bad at sales and not being a sales person,well you already are that sales person actually.

Being reluctant

If you are feeling reluctant towards selling but you want to change your life situation then there are some things you need to consider. Wouldn’t it be great if you could use selling online as a way for you to get out of that no good situation that you might experience,by just trying to change the way you are feeling about selling? Are you having issues with fear? Do not let that fear stop you from acomplishing what you dream about and have set Bad at salesup as a goal for yourself. Many online marketers that used to have issues with coming out of their comfort zones and mindset are today in fact very successful in their businesses. So nothing is impossible! As the saying goes; nothing is impossible, the impossible just takes longer time. So work at the issues you are having with yourself and challenge those fears of yours on a daily basis,and I am sure you will see results pretty soon. If you in fact are not that good at sales then know that you can change that, you can become better at selling if you really want to be. It is all up to you. I f you can think about it ,then you can also do it. Hey, do not miss out on getting this free newsletter that is filled with money making tips…

So if you think that you are not selling or not being good at selling, then I believe That you are wrong.

Make it a great day.

Tommy Olsson

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