Get a real job he said

Get a real job.

That was what this guy told me on Facebook some time ago.

“Get a real job”.

Yes that was what he told me when I was just sharing my business and my results with it, with anyone who would be interested to know about it. I suspect why he said that, I guess it good be because of envy. he might have tried to make a living online and failed ,that is one explaination to why he told me to get a real job. He failed and therefor he wanted to drag me down so to say. He didn’t believe that anyone else could succeed with making a living onlinejust because he couldn’t. But there could be other reasons for his statement. He maybe didn’t believe in the possibilities  with making a living online,making a living from home. Some people don’t believe in online marketing and its possibilities. They think that the only real jobs are those regular 9-5 jobs. If that is the case, then why are so many disliking or even hating that regular 9-5 of theirs? Besides these negative people that tells you to get a real job, have no right to tell you how to live your life… If you are looking for some guidance about how to become your own boss working from home, then click this and claim your free newsletter…

Get a real job

“It’s a scam”

Many people also seem to believe that everythting that involves mlm businesses are a scam, that is of course not true. Some people shouts scam before they are certain that this is the case about a certain business. Maybe they think so because unfortunally scams do exist online, amd people do get scammed. These scammers are sabotaging it for us legit and honest online marketers. Scammers have created a bad reputation for us online marketers that just are trying to build a busines and income in a honest legit way. This because some people are suscpicious against everything that has to do with making money online,because they think it is a scam.

You are creating it, they are not…

If someone tell you to get a real job, then remember that the problem lies with them and not with you. They are the ones that are acting in a rude way while you are just building a better future for yourself when promoting your online business or a affiliate product.  Get a real jobIgnore them and block them on different social media sites if you feel like you need to. Do not let them get to you so that you lose focus on your business. Just because these negative people might have given up on their dreams does not mean that you have to give up on yours. Besides, so many wants to leave their job,so it seems it’s not the ultimate way to make a living for everyone after all, although some people prefer a regular 0-5 job.  No matter if we choose to make a living as online entrepreneurs or working a regular 9-5 job we really must respect each others choices when it comes to making a living.

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