Why am I not rich yet?

Why am I not rich yet?

If you are asking yourself that question and you are involved with online marketing, then you need to re- think things. Do not ask yourself “why am I not rich yet” when doing oinline marketing,because it is not a get rich quick scheme…

I think that quite many marketers are doing this mistake, particulary if they are newbies, to ask themselves that question. Hey,don’t forget to grab my free newsletter here.

You can make a good income for yourself with online marketing,but it takes time, effort and persistance. So if you are getting grumpy over not being rich within 4 months of markeitng , then Why am I not rich yetyou really need to wake up to reality. I don’t mean to be harsch but I just want to be straight with you…  If you think that you are going to get rich fast with online marketing then you have the totally wrong expectations for yourself. There are people that in fact got rich through making money online, but again it is not something that happens over night. They have propably have had their ups and downs in their business before getting really successful. Ive blogged about it earlier what it takes to be successful with online marketing/affiliate marketing, feel free to read about it here.

Steps you need to take to make more money

Anyone that wants to be more successful and make more money in their business needs to join the right crowd so to say. Make sure that you surround yourself with already successful people if you are looking to get as successful as they are. I am sure you have heard about this before…and it’s true. If you don’t have a clue about how to get rich through online marketing, well then you have to learn how from someone. right? If you want to get rich then don’t ask yourself “why am I not rich yet”, instead take action and work towards that goal and dream that you have.

Patience is a virtue…

And even if you access the top ways to build up your income online,it may still take time before you see any significant reults , so you need to be patient. Being patient is very Why am i not rich yetimportant when being an online entrepreneur. Many quit on online marketing and one reason for that could be that they are not patient enough, they could in fact quit before having their big breakthrough. So be persistent and hang in there… Creating something great for yourself and your future may take some time,noone said it was going to be easy. But after reaching those goals of yours it sure will taste sweet the taste of success, don’t you think?.

“So why  am I not rich yet?” Propably because you have thr wrong expectations and that you are expecting too much in to little time. It could also be that you do not have enough skills yet to make it happen for you. Be patient and let it take its time. Because practise makes perfect, as they say.

Tommy Olsson

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