What is affiliate marketing?

What is affiliate marketing?

Are you considering to start with affiliate marketing or are you just curious about what affiliate marketing is anyway?

I will give a detailed explanation and some answers to what is affiliate marketing, if you keep on reading.

An affiliate is a person who request to  promote a vendors product and when that person is approved he or she will earn a certain procentage on each sale they will make for that product. Sometimes the affiliates can earn a fixed amount per conversion as well. The vendor os product owner will supply a website to use in promotions as well in most cases promotions material for the affiliates to use. The affiliates “job” is to drive traffic to the vendors website so that both the vendor and the affiliate are able to make sales and profits. Affiliate What is affiliate marketingmarketing is a low cost and a quite newbie friendly way to start making some money online. To reach success with affiliate marketing there are certain skills that you must have, as I talk about here… When you start working with affiliate marketing it is a very good idea to get a wordpress blog set up,and then I recommend getting your own domain name and hosting, so that you will have full control of your blog. Getting a domain name is also valauable for the sake of branding you as an expert within your niche.

The trust factor

You need to build a relationship with your readers and build up trust so that they will be interested in reading your content as well as be willing buying from you.

Where to find your products to promote

Make sure that you are chosen a niche that is quite popular, because if you choose a small niche it may be harder for you to make money in it. Good niches to work with are usually for instance “make money from home” and the weightloss niches. Wheh you have chosen a niche where you want to focus your promotions on, then you need to find good products to promote. Such platforms can be Clickbank, Jvzoo, Warriorplus and Amazon to just mention a few… You need to do some research of the products you want to promote to see What is affiliate marketingif they have made any significant numbers of sales, but also the size of your commissions per sale is also important checking out. It is also a great idea to buy the product yourself that you have chosen to promote, then you know how it really works and if indeed is that good that the vendor says it is. Never promote low quality products and do not come out as too pitchy in your blog posts. How many sales you will make through your blog for instance depends on how good you are at writing in a manor that will in the end make your readers purchase what you have to offer.

Stepping it up

When you have become really good at making money with affiliate marketing you can ask the vendor if you could earn a higher procentage on every sale. It is not certain that the vendoe will approve your request, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

So now I trust and hope that you have a pretty good knowledge about what affiliate marketing is, and I hope you have benefited by reading my other advice in this post as well.


Tommy Olsson.

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