Can I make money with affiliate marketing?

Can I make money with affiliate marketing?

Yes you can ,but if so, why are so many struggling to make any money at all online?

I will explain why I believe this is… Affiliate marketing  us considered to be a newbie friendly and quite easy method when it comes to making  money online. Because people can sign uop as an affilliate for free,promoting any vendors products and in fact use free marketing methods to start making their first dollar online.

But again,many affilliate marketers are struggling hard to make commissions, and I think that is because they are promoting in a wrong way.Some marketers are continuing to use the same methods that they always have used.that generated just very tiny results for themselves, just because they don’t know any other or better way. What we need to consider and realize is can i make money with affiliate marketingthat if something doesnt work, then stop doing it.  I am not writing this to insult anyone,but when people are struggling and frustrated then it may be hard to see that what they are spending so much time on doing, simply does not work. But to get other and better results, do something different….

Grab the golden nuggets

Try to get in touch with a marketer that has proven results and  if that person shares some golden nuggets with you,then apply it as fast as possible. This coiuld mean a big difference for you . Ways of making more affiliate sales is to do reviews of that chosen product and offer some bonus for those who choose to buy from you instead  from some other affiliate that are promoting that same exact product.

Invest if you can

I does not have to cost a lot of money to start promoting and make sales through affiliate marketing, but it helps of course if you are able to invest a small amount of money at least can i make money with affiliate marketingon advertising. Invest if you are able to,in a Capoture page creating sofaware and a bonus page creating software. . Google for such  products and you will find those in no time. one bonuspage software is Commission Gorilla,and for creating capture pages I recommend Lead pages. so cgeck those out I advice you to create a capture page so that you will be able to collect those leads through, when they have opted into your capture pages, then share your bonuspage with them. So can I make money with affiliate marketing? Yes you really can ,but don’t ask yourself that question,believe that you actually can instead.

Blogging and video

Setting up a blog where you are sharing value through can attract possible buyers to you as well. Post reviews there and add a video in the posts as well,but do not act to pitchy. Videos are very powerful when it comes to marketing, because a video attracts people more then a written text. Also, set up a opt in form for a free newsletter on your blog so that you will start to build a lisyt of potential buyers. It is not that dificult to do and you can find intruction shared by your autoresponder supplier,how to create such a opt in form and how to set it up on your blog. So affiliate marketing doesn’t have to be difficult,unless you make it difficult.

Take action on these advice and I wish you all success!


Tommy Olsson

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